We have pleasure in presenting our Estate Agency Le Mazet to you.

We are regularly contacted by people who want to settle in Belguim or abroad.  Therefore, should you wish to sell or rent your real estate, we are at your disposal to help you.

We can ensure smooth transactions, professional care and regular follow up.

Our Estate Agency Le Mazet is very active on the market thanks to efficient cooperation with a wide network of specilized realtors.  We can thus provide a fast and efficient service.

When selected by an owner, Le Mazet will actively look for a purchaser or a tenant.  When selected by a purchaser, Le Mazet  or by a potential  tenant, Le Mazet will endeavour to find the suitable house or flat within the shortest time.

Moreover, as approved members of I.P.I (Professional Realtors Institute), we make all typess of contracts, leases, compromises, puchase offers,...

We guarantee prompt and priority attention to the sale or renting of your real estate.  We take care of all advertising and pictures in daily papers, specialized magazines and via internet.


Pour nous contacter : Martine Van Bellingen
agrée I.P.I. 104502

Avenue des Muguets, 5 - "Sept Fontaines" - B-1420 Braine-l'Alleud
Téléphone : 32 2 354 53 53 - Gsm  : 0477 40 65 65
n° T.V.A. BE 611 927 666
Autorité de surveillance : I.P.I. Institut Professionnel des agents Immobiliers, Rue du Luxembourg 16B - B-1000 Bruxelles
E-mail : info@lemazet.be

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